Graphic spine chilling action combined with intense philosophy.
  Major Bhaskar Khosla
  Combines intensity, valour and true patriotism to make a thrilling military novel. Forced me to explore places within myself that I hadn’t been to before.
  Varun Krishnan
  Unique, absolutely outstanding, vividly described. Every minute detail tied perfectly into each other. Vinod Shankar Nair is a master craftsman.
  Hemangi Shah
  Regarding the book I would like to write so many things, many ideas are popping into my head but I'll have to limit my considerations.

I had a good time reading Pride Of Lions. you wrote it in a very passionate way as a musician would passionately write about his/her music.

I actually thought, while reading the story, that you have experienced it on your skin.

What I enjoyed about Pride Of Lions is the variety of arguments treated: the values' system and its dilemma (how to create common values when values are so personal), brotherhood, solidarity, constructive patriotism, the difference between a brave and a courageous person, the importance of being proactive instead of reactive, the love for one's own country and people (this is about India but could be applied to any nation or group of people, I guess...) and, above all, the optimism about humankind and its potential. While reading your book I thought of the Ghetto of Warsaw during WWII. Almost all the Jews living there died yet, even by knowing which would be their destiny, they stood up with dignity and defied those who wanted to deprive them from their humanity. These people tried not only to survive physically but also intellectually and culturally and this made the difference and a paradigm for all of us.
  Margherita Marincola
  Fantastic writing and even greater imagination...exciting
  Keith Saldahna
  “Contemporary Indian authors are very different from their Indian classic counterparts and have created a niche of their own among home bred readers. Another relevant and frequent aspect that has been seen in many such authors is their commitment to contemporariness and discussing social, political and emotional disappointments that’s plaguing the world at the moment. Debutant author Vinod Shankar Nair, with his book Pride of Lions, gives out all the signs of belonging in this very same league.

Pride of Lions is a taut thriller, gritty and extremely fast paced. The story starts with students in a classroom questioning the basis of pride in their country given today's scenario of corruption and inefficiency. Their debate is cut short when the theatre abruptly shifts to a fierce gun battle raging between two equally determined sides on a seemingly obscure war-ravaged mountain top. It is a soul stirring love story of brotherhood, courage and passion.

Something that is rarely seen, especially in Indian writing is that Vinod Shankar Nair praises the enemy at several stages and gives them the same platform as the heroes of the war are given; clearly pointing out that life consists of grey patches as well.”
  Afternoon Despatch & Courier


  Pride of Lions looks a bit blood stained thanks to that serious cover of it. You feel that the army man (Vinod Nair) is trying to give you a glimpse of one of the wars that he has faced. You feel that the book will open with the description of a LoC or Kargil. And is ought to happen, because we are civilians!

Pride of Lions is a book about love. Love that you would have for your brothers. Love that a patriot will have for his nation. Love that a child would have for his mother. Love in its purest form is the base line of the book.

The book opens with a restless girl trying to find the reason for her unrest. Gradually as the story unfolds the three establishing characters of the book are revealed. These are not army men. These students are Kim, Sandy and Brij. They are thick friends since childhood and together have been an excellent team all these years. They get into a disagreement during one of their class assignments where they get the topic, ‘My country; My pride’.

After a series of arguments on subjects ranging from poverty, corruption, national security and so on, they still don’t reach a conclusion that would allow them to work together as a team. That is when their substitute teacherIndu comes and tells them a story.

This story in Story is about army men and their love. It brings out the real emotions of each unit member. It also describes their relationships with each other. It goes back in time to describe their motivation to join the force. It feels like the writer has tried to take you to the war zone and made you understand the nitty gritties of the battle.

But then the story ends on a high note.

The book is well written if you like to read simple, real life stories then grab a copy and read on! 
  Kasturi Gadge, Buzz Bureau

Pride Of Lions: A Gritty Thriller

What do you get when you take Indian army’s one of the finest operations in recent times, add the inherent values it brings along with and present it to the modern day reader? You get a fast paced gritty thriller, generously sprinkled with the core values of the armed forces – brotherhood, courage and passion.

Looking at the nations prevailing condition, the youth today have every right to question the system which is infested with social diseases like corruption and inefficiencies. And with every passing day, we only see the disease spreading like cancer in the system. No wonder, this leaves the youth unsure about their pride in the nation. The book tackles this premise in a totally unorthodox manner.

So, when a group of students debate and question their own identity and the very concept of pride in their country, a substitute teacher uses the backdrop of an army operation to highlight the importance of values in our lives. What follows is an amazing narration of the fast paced military operation between two equally determined armies.

The book manages to maintain its grip till the end. There are moments when you are drawn in the midst of the battle field and so fierce is the battle that you can almost feel the bullets flying past you. In one of the chapter, the narration of what goes through the mind of a soldier when he gets spotted by the enemy pointing a rifle towards him is simply mind boggling.

The story is slick and is fast paced. The characters are well defined and complete. Each of them bring out an unique aspect to the story. The central character of the story “Ice” is a much likeable and an easily identifiable character. The narration has been kept simple to make the book an easy read. The good part of the book is that even the enemy has been portrayed in a highly dignified manner. The importance of religion in our lives has also been showcased well.

Another striking feature here is it contains a lot of spirituality. The author introduces the importance of the human values to the reader in an unusually charismatic way. Full marks to him for doing that. That’s probably because the author is an ex-solider himself and has been through many such operations.

Overall, the book is not only worth its money, but much more. For a generation going through such uncertain times, this book introduces a fresh thought process. It leaves you wanting for more. Verdict – Go for it.

  Captain Purvesh Gada

A gritty and emotional out poring from a dedicated son of the soil. Captain Vinod Shankar nair’s Pride of Lions is a telling tale of the social and political ills eating into the country today. The narrative takes off through the turbulent eyes if young Kimmaya who finds herself uneasy sans reason to explain the nagging feeling of restlessness. As she gropes for answers, the plot expands, firmly establishing the other two characters that hold the book together, Kimmaya’s childhood buddies Sandy and brij, abbreviations for Sadiq Shah and Brijesh Singh respectively. This band of friends soon find themselves entangled in a rather complex web of political discourse that is initiated with a classroom debate on the topic ‘My country, My Pride’.

This also is terra firma of the novel which sees the author, an army man himself, known for his motivational speeches, spin a yarn that attacks the potent topics of poverty, corruption, national security,  - questions that haunt every so called patriotic modern India. The students symbolic of the young Indians who are brimming with hope and yet confused about what nationalism really means today are seen to engage in a debate as they question their own identity and the looming topic of what constitutes national pride really. And how relevant is this feeling, given the current climate that surrounds every Indian. Just then in comes Indu, a substitute teacher with a narration of a story that revolves around army men. You can almost feel the contagious zeal! This is where the book really scores for me, tinged with personal experiences of the writer that is duly transported into almost every unit member. Here I felt an adrenilin high, akin to being in a pitched battle field. Also the respect the author shows to the imaginary enemy shows the army man in him and is handled sensitively in terms of taking the plot further. It is a book that will be enjoyed by those who like realistic battle tales

  Sreemoyee Piu Kundu
  Mr Ice it was such a pleasure to read such an inspiring book which was so simply worded but hits one's conscience at the right place. Wishing you all the laurels, appreciation and success. Hope you keep writing such inspirational books always. Kind Regards
  Chandreyi Jhunjhunwala
  Hi Vinod! I am associated with an NGO Art Of Living! I work in the publications department. I write.. recently few of my friends (Majors in INA) read my article.. Although I write on yoga and spirituality; they suggested me that I read your book Pride of Lions. I was in complete awe after I read your book! And didn't waste another second adding you on fb, hoping that I might end up learning something new, something which I haven't explored yet. Pls accept my good wishes and congratulations for a wonderful, wonderful book.
  Shraddha Pandey Sharma
  Congratulations on your book. Yet another feather in your already well decorated cap of achievements. You truly do inspire
  Sajjid Mitha
  hey Captain!! you write fantastic I loved pleasure & honour..u know i went to Jeddah last month i gave a copy of pride to my friends out there And they too loved it
  Aashkar Raja
  hi Vinod sir I read your book and its awesome hats off
  Tejas Patil
  Sir I read your book yr book it was awesome and full of thriller in yr book, pleasure sir, please write some other books I take some inspiration from yr book
  Abdul Rauf
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