The Pride of Lions emblem or ‘kavvach’ Insignia as it has now become popularly known has been conceived, designed, trademarked and copyrighted by Vinod Shankar Nair himself. It exudes an undeniably raw, surreal power. This visceral effect of the insignia is not by default, it is completely by design. The creation and shading of every feather in the mighty wings took the artists many man hours to complete by hand.
  Kavvach is a Sanskrit (ancient yet highly advanced Indian language) word which can be translated into English as ‘Armour’.The Kavvach Insignia however embraces a deep philosophy. Those who wear it restrict the use of logic in their lives and embrace greater human instincts like courage, trust, kindness, love, humour, empathy, sharing, service, responsibility, imagination, intelligence and knowledge as a way of life.
  The broadsword at the base of the emblem symbolises the light of intelligence, imagination and knowledge cutting through the darkness of mindless ignorance and dogma.The powerful and muscular wings represent the irrepressible need to expand oneself to the fullest and fly higher than ever before. Believe, trust, be the best you can be. Never tire of excellence.
  The tips of the wings resemble the mythical phoenix wing tips helping us to understand that with every stride toward excellence and with every chance we take, comes the inevitable possibility of failure. We often err and fall but when that happens, remember the phoenix. Get up, gather and dust yourself. Then use your broadsword, expand your mighty muscular wings and soar back into the skies to claim heights that await you.
  Lastly, The Kavvach Insignia in totality symbolises rising above logic to exist at a much higher plane of human existence with values mentioned above.
  All Rights Reserved. The Kavvach insignia is a Registered Literary Work / Artistic work, under the Copyright Act, 1957. No part of it may be reproduced, copied, or transmitted, in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission from Vinod Shankar Nair
    Copyright © 2012 Vinod Shankar Nair.All rights reserved.
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