Everything you want to know in FAQ format
What is Pride of Lions?
It is a novel
Who is the author?
The author is Mr. Vinod Shankar Nair, an extremely popular and respected businessman. As a socialite, he is also known in media circles as Captain Vinod Nair.
What kind of book is Pride of Lions? What is it about?
Though a few critics and sections of readers insist that Pride of Lions is a true story, it is in fact a piece of pure fiction. It is a fast paced thriller, a compulsive page turner that spans several genres weaving pure military combat with deeper questions faced by Indian youth today and lacing both with the super natural. In short, it is a master piece by a master. Something you just cannot miss.
Where can I buy this book?
The book is published by Times of India and will be available in book stores across the country from 15th December 2012 onwards.
How do I get this book if I am out of India?
Please write to kimmaya1@gmail.com  or kimmaya3@gmail.com with your order.
Where on the net can I buy this book?
We are in the process of setting up the internet availability. This site will give you full details as soon as it is available.
  Synopsis of Pride of Lions
  Inefficiency and corruption eat into the Indian system like an unstoppable cancer at all levels today. Aware but completely helpless, a frustrated group of students debate and question their own identity and the very concept of pride in their country.
  When their deliberations get them nowhere, an enigmatic substitute teacher transports them to an obscure war-ravaged mountain top in No Man’s Land and immerses them in the midst of a fierce gun battle between two equally determined sides in a 4bid to help them find themselves and the answers they seek.
  A soul stirring love story of brotherhood, courage and passion.
    Copyright © 2012 Vinod Shankar Nair.All rights reserved.
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